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If you lack confidence you will continue to remain stuck!

In a world of duplicity and people in fear of being their true authentic selves, originality will rise to the top like cream. The problem is, most people would rather live as a copy of someone else instead of being the masterpiece they were created to be! This year, 2020 has revealed and uncovered to us who we are when no one else is around. Do you love and respect the person looking back at you in the mirror or are you living as your false self? This is not a judgment, but rather a suggestion. Start living from your center and decide today that you are going to be inexplicably you from this moment forward. The only way to get unstuck is to get honest!
So ask yourself, what am I afraid of?Then ask yourself what do I need to accept and love about myself completely? This is how you will find the light that will guide you out of the maze of lack and into the overflow of abundance.
-Eve Dionne

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