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Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author and Adaptability expert!
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This book is filled with sayings from my mother and how today I’ve been able to gain wisdom from her words and sayings in which some, I couldn’t identify with at the time. Now some of these sayings you may have heard before, especially if you’re African American and your parents were raised in the South. Then some of these sayings were created out of the vortex of my mother’s creative mind to help her deal with our everyday challenges. I decided to translate many of the sayings I was raised on and saturate them with my humor, wit and discernment to offer up my enlightened perspective birthed out of my own evolution.

Author, Speaker and Life Changer

Eve Dionne

Certified Life Coach and Ordained minister.

Born Everline Dionne Walker, Eve is a licensed and certified Transformational Life Coach and Marriage & Family Therapist (in Practicum- Dec. 2022) who heads her own coaching business called, BeliEVEr’s coaching. Eve is a survivor who suffered a heart attack at 28 years old and has since become an advocate for women’s health, particularly in minority communities. In addition to working for one of the largest health plans in the country as a Senior Consultant, Eve is a Motivational Speaker and former National Spokeswoman Volunteer for the American Heart Association and was featured in several national ads and commercials.

Eve has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management, a Master’s Degree in Business Management and a certification in Data Analytics from Cornell University. In her spare time, she loves to travel the world and create beautiful experiences with loved ones and friends. Out of all of her accomplishments in life, she is most proud of her two sons, who are amazing and thriving in their own lives as adults. Her love for the ocean and palm trees ultimately led her to relocate from Detroit, Michigan in 2003 to Southern California, where she currently resides.


I am a Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author and Adaptability expert! My business/brand consists of 1. Private Coaching 2. Speaking engagements 3. Online Courses and panel expert. What I do through all the things mentioned above is to help my clients evolve and transition from just existing to thriving. I do this by helping them with tools that enables them to "face it to fix it" while providing SMART goals to achieve progress one step at a time.

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“Eve's persona is electrifying. She will definitely say things that will make you think. You'll be laughing one moment and crying the next. But all very healing."

T. Davenport

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