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The blessing of sheltering in place!

Well here we are, 3 months into the national quarantine and global pandemic and it has clearly been a revealer! I must admit, me with my evolved, spiritual and mindful self had a few anxiety filled days in early April. Not worried about myself; however, concerned about so many other's. It wasn't until I reminded myself of my favorite quotes, scriptures and prayers that I was able to get back to stasis. Then that's when it happened! I got intentional. You see I realized that i had something in common with everyone else in the world, this was my 1st and hopefully last pandemic. I couldn't find a YouTube video to guide me through it, nor could I ask any older family or friend how to navigate through it. That helped me not to focus on the what; however, to meditate on the where. To be present and self-aware, to lean into what and how i was feeling and make a declaration that not only would I survive, but thrive through this season. Its all about changing your perspective. I was no longer in self isolation, but being safer at home. It wasn't about me canceling engagements and travel plans, it was about me recalibrating and strategizing. Being home for long periods of time has afforded me the gift of time and with that, my spiritual practice has deepened. My priorities have shifted and my vision has sharpened. I absolutely will not throw 2020 away, it has revealed "perfect vision" for me and I found a blessing in the stillness of sheltering in place. You know what? You can too if choose to receive the gift!


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